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iRis maximizes revenue. Flexible and extensive capabilities ensure better performance in cost-effective call routing.


Tandem Switching

Tandem switching is designed to route traffic between end-office switches and VoIP networks to capitalize on the best call routes with the flexibility of using redundant and alternative routes as well.

Our flexible and extensive call routing capabilities allow you to maximize your revenues by choosing the best call routes available to you at the least cost. We do this by operating a state of art, redundant switch platform with tandem capability, enabling carriers in all markets the connectivity to the voice platforms of all regional providers without having to rely on the outdated services associated with legacy switch providers.

iRis leverages our extensive transport network to provide a single point-of-presence for interexchange carriers to reach rural markets. This allows for a significant cost savings to the carriers as well as increased simplicity in trunking arrangements. 

5,000 miles of fiber connect over 250 communities across Tennessee and beyond.

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